Muchas Gracias A Boricua Beer!!

Boricua Beer has generously offered to sponsor our Vegas Nights by supplying us with their excellent craft beers, Boricua Beer and Taino Light Beer. 

Their Mission: 
To build a high quality craft beer product company that benefits our community organizations financially. If we reach our full potential of serving you, Hispanics across all of our communities will benefit. Support our movement...

Their Story: 
Hispanics buy hundreds of billions of dollars in consumer products. One of the biggest categories is Beer. This is evidenced by the Beer companies who sponsor Hispanic festivals and concerts to sell more beer and maintain market share. Two of the top three hispanic brands are owned by companies in foreign countries. None of the three companies manufacture in any of the primary Hispanic markets in the U.S. This means that the profit leaves the community from which the money is made.

We are Boricua Beer and Taino Light Beer. This company is owned by Hispanics and brewed within one of the primary Hispanic markets int he country: Florida. We will not take our profits out of the community as do all the other breweries serving hispanics. We are a Craft beer. This is a much higher quality beverage that actually has health benefits when enjoyed responsibly.

Join us in thanking Boricua Beer. for their extremely generous contribution at our fundraiser on February 11th: